Arbor Dog Park, Seal Beach, CA


Section 7.05.120 Dog Park
Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the park located at Lampson Avenue and Heather Street ("Arbor Park") is hereby established as a dog park, in which responsible adults may allow dogs to be without leashes within the fenced areas, provided that the responsible adults and all persons accompanying them comply with all of the following conditions. For purposes of this section, "responsible adult" means any person 18 years or older who owns, has a proprietary interest in, harbors, or has the care, charge, control, custody or possession of a dog.

  1. Each dog must be chaperoned by a responsible adult. For the purposes of this section 7.05.120, to "chaperone" a dog means that a responsible adult is inside the dog park and is in control of the dog at all times.
  2. Each responsible adult may chaperone a maximum of 3 dogs in the dog park on each visit.
  3. A responsible adult may allow any dog that he or she chaperons to be without leashes inside the fenced areas of the dog park. However, dogs must wear leashes at all times the dogs are not inside the fenced areas.
  4. No animals, other than domesticated dogs, are permitted in the dog park.
  5. Persons entering or exiting the fenced areas of the dog park must close park gates behind them.
  6. Dog License. A license must be obtained prior to a dog using the dog park, as follows:
    1. A city dog license must be obtained pursuant to the provisions of this chapter for a dog owned by a city resident or by any person who lives in a jurisdiction that does not require a license for the dog; or
    2. A valid dog license must be obtained by any person who is not a city resident pursuant to the laws of jurisdiction of the dog owner’s primary place of residence.
  7. Metallic License Tags or Registration Tattoos. Dogs in the dog park must wear metallic license tags at all times, unless the dogs are tattooed with their registration information. If a dog owner is not a city resident, and the jurisdiction of the dog owner’s primary place of residence does not provide either license tags or tattooing for licensed dogs, the owner must obtain a license tag or tattoo from the city pursuant to the provisions of this chapter prior to the dog using the dog park.
  8. Annual Dog Park Permit for Non-Residents. Prior to using the dog park, an annual dog park permit must be obtained for each dog that belongs to a person who is not a city resident. The application for the permit shall consist of an application fee and proof of a current dog license. The annual fee shall be set by city council resolution. In addition to a license tag or tattoo required pursuant to paragraph G, such dog must wear a metallic permit tag at all times the dog is inside the dog park.
  9. No dog shall be permitted in the dog park unless it has received a rabies vaccination within the last three years, and the effective period of the vaccine has not elapsed.
  10. Each responsible adults shall, at all times, take all reasonable precautions to prevent the dog(s) they chaperone from biting, attacking or attempting to bite or attack any person or dog. A responsible adult shall immediately remove a dog he or she chaperones from the dog park if it bites, attacks or attempts to bite or attack any person or dog.
  11. No person who has the care, charge, control, custody, or possession of any of the following kinds of dog shall allow such dog to enter or remain in the dog park at any time:
    1. A dog less than 4 months old.
    2. A dog in heat.
    3. A vicious animal.
    4. A dog with a communicable illness, infection, fleas, or parasites.
    5. A dog that is currently under quarantine or that has previously been under quarantine by order of the animal control officer.
  12. The following are prohibited in the dog park and no person shall bring any of the following into the dog park:
    1. Food (irrespective of whether the food is intended for consumption by humans,
      dogs, or other species).
    2. Dog treats.
    3. Glass containers.
    4. Alcohol.
    5. Children’s toys.
    6. Sports equipment.
  13. Smoking is prohibited in the dog park and within 20 feet of the perimeter of the dog park.
  14. In the event the City designates specific areas of the dog park for dogs of certain sizes, a responsible adult shall not allow a dog to enter an area of the park for dogs of a different size. If a responsible adult brings dogs in different size category to the dog park, none of those dogs will be allowed to enter the park unless each dog within a different size category is accompanied by a chaperone for its designated specific area.
  15. No responsible adult shall fail or refuse to remove feces defecated by a dog he or she chaperones at the dog park. Waste receptacles are located within the park for disposal purposes.
  16. For the safety of all dogs, spike collars, pinch collars and choke collars are not permitted.
  17. Responsible adults shall not allow their dogs to dig holes.
  18. All persons shall comply with instructions of peace officers and animal control officers at all times. Violation of this or any other provision of this section shall be grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from the use of the dog park and revocation of a dog permit.

City of Seal Beach Municipal Code Title 7
Public Peace, Morals and Welfare Section 7.05.120 Dog Park

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