Arbor Dog Park, Seal Beach, CA


We started out a few years ago as a small group of folks that wanted a place for their dogs to play and run around. The AYSO Soccer folks were a little miffed that their kids would occasionally run into doggie landmines so they asked us to keep our pooches towards the east end of the Arbor Park, behind the baseball field. Well that worked fine for a while, but we still had stragglers that let their dogs run wild on the soccer fields. So, we had a few phone conversations and thought, hey this would be a great place for a dedicated dog park!

We had many talks with the City of Seal Beach, and attended many city council meetings to discuss this. AYSO stepped up to the plate and donated $10,000.00 if the city would install fencing to make this a dedicated dog park, with the proviso that we keep the dogs off the soccer fields. Well, they decided to install a temporary fence to give the idea a trial. If it worked, they would make it permanent.

Long story short, it worked and the city footed the bill for the permanent fencing. A contractor donated his men and concrete for the entry and exit gates and we were off. We incorporated as a 501c non-profit organization and have now a 2.2 acre of grass to let our dogs have a blast!!! We are always looking for funds to pay for the poop bags, dirt, sand and seed to fill the holes, and other improvement projects. We installed a couple of benches and a water fountain with donated money and city cooperation. Believe it or not, we spend around $3000.00 a year on poop bags alone. Give us hand, click on the DONATION link and send us a tax deductible donation.


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