Arbor Dog Park, Seal Beach, CA

Arbor Dog Park, Seal Beach, CA

Dog Park Safety

Personal Safety - Watch out for the Big Dogs!!
When on the move, Big Dogs sometimes are having so much fun they aren't paying attention to where they're going and have been known to knock people down or take them out at the knees.

Personal Safety - Watch where you step!
Apart from the "land mines" and tennis balls that can get under foot, several of the permanent residents of Arbor Dog Park have been working hard to improve the landscape. They have their own unique vision of how the dog park should look so please be careful where you step and watch out for those...

"Holes by Moles" (and gophers).

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Keep a sharp eye out for small pets at home and at the dog park.
Research shows that a bird of prey can not carry more than they weigh themselves. Our largest and most common bird of prey is the native redtail hawk. Redtails can weigh up to 3.0 lbs for a female and smaller for a male. They can still kill a bit larger than what they weigh but would have to eat their prey where they killed it. The only bird that would be able to lift off with a small dog would be a golden eagle which can weigh up to 9.0 lbs. It's very uncommon to find goldens in this area however there have been confirmed sightings near Irvine Lake (Cleveland National Forest) in Orange County. A few years back nest sites were found in Fremont Canyon, behind Irvine lake.

A woman living in West Hills (Los Angeles) had her small 4 pound poodle scooped up by a large bird the other day while she watched from her kitchen window. It is unknown what species of bird this was.
(Jan 17, 2006)